York Fitness Adjustable Ankle Weights 2 x 5 KG


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The York Fitness Adjustable Ankle Weights feature soft, contoured padding making them comfortable to wear when training.

Each ankle weight features a durable nylon construction which houses 10 iron bars which can quickly be removed or added to attain the desired weight.

60028 York Fitness Adjustable Ankle Weights with removable iron bar displayed

Each iron bar weighs 485 grams and all 10 are removable to provide training flexibility.

The empty bag weighs 150 grams, therefore each ankle weight is adjustable as follows.

Component Weight in Grams Weight in KG
Empty Bag 150 0.150
1 Iron Bar 635 .635
2 Iron Bars 1120 1.12
3 Iron Bars 1605 1.605
4 Iron Bars 2015 2.015
5 Iron Bars 2575 2.575
6 Iron Bars 3060 3.06
7 Iron Bars 3545 3.545
8 Iron Bars 4030 4.03
9 Iron Bars 4515 4.515
10 Iron Bars 5000 5


The total weight of both ankle weights is 10 KG.

The ankle weights feature a curved design which improves the fit while training making them comfortable to wear.

The buckle and strong Velcro adjustment enable a secure and comfortable fit. Ideal for strengthening and toning hips, calves and thighs along with helping burn extra calories on your existing aerobic exercises.

A reflective strip increases safety if being worn at night.

Key Features

  • Comfortable foam padding with soft lining
  • Each ankle weight adjustable from 0.635 KG to 5 KG via removable iron bars
  • Durable nylon shell construction
  • Curved ankle design for improved fit when exercising
  • Reflective strip for safety at night
  • Strengthen and tones hips, thighs and calves
  • Burn extra calories while working out
  • Contoured padding for a secure fit on your ankles or wrists
  • Strong Velcro and buckle provide easy adjustment
  • Designed to increase the intensity of workouts.