York Fitness Soft Hand Grips


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Most people underestimate the benefits of using a grip strengthener for their boxing. There’s a few key benefits. The first is reducing the chance of hand or wrist injury through striking, by increasing the strength of the supporting muscles you’ll be less prone to injury from hard impacts. Secondly a better grip allows you to clench your fist tighter, resulting in better force transfer in your punches.

York Fitness Hand Grips can benefit boxers at any level.

Adding several sets of grip strength training to your regular upper body workouts can increase power, strength and mobility in your fingers, wrist and forearms.

Hand grips can also be used for physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises after injury.

Extra strong hand grips take training to the next level and recommended for users looking to really develop their grip strength.

Key Features

  • Mechanical hand grips in two strengths.
  • Strong high tensile steel spring coil resistance.
  • Soft foam handles provide a comfort anti-slip grip.
  • Increase grip strength.
  • Develop and tone forearms, wrists and fingers.
  • Ideal for hand injury rehabilitation or physiotherapy exercises .
  • Ideal office stress reliever.