Britannia Boxing Equipment has been a renowned name in the Boxing market for over 40 years. Founded in the late 1970s in the North East of England, we’ve always been committed to delivering high-quality gear for boxers of all levels.

As a brand, we’re proud of our British roots and our rich heritage in the sport of boxing. From the beginning, we’ve worked alongside high-profile boxers to create gear that meets the demands of the sport and reflects the grit and determination of fighters around the world.

Over the years, we’ve continued to evolve and innovate, while always staying true to our commitment to quality. Our new range of products is focused on delivering exceptional fit and feel, using quality materials and manufacturing processes that are researched and designed right here in the UK.

We understand that the sport of boxing is all about pushing yourself to be your best, both in and out of the ring. That’s why our products are designed to help fighters achieve their full potential, whether they’re just starting out or already established in the sport.

In 2022, BBE was acquired by The Mad Group, a leading sports equipment manufacturer with a shared commitment to quality and innovation. Together, we’re poised to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the Boxing market. Our combined expertise, knowledge, and resources will enable us to continue to deliver gear that meets the needs of the boxing community and helps fighters achieve their full potential.

At Britannia Boxing Equipment, we’re more than just a brand – we’re a community. We’re passionate about the sport, and we’re dedicated to delivering gear that meets the needs of the boxing community. Join us today and discover the difference that BBE, with The Mad Group, can make to your game.